Monday, November 10, 2008


Sorry for the lack of postings. I have been busy (who hasn't these days?) I'm starting to hyperventilate since Christmas is just around the corner!!

I finally took down my Halloween decorations (on Friday) with Jason's help. I think he was sick of looking at them. Thank you for the comments about my pumpkins. I only have one left--one of the dogs got a hold of the pirate and chewed it to bits. So i'm off to purchase more pumpkins for next year. BTW, some of the patterns are from The Pumpkin Lady (you can find her stuff online)

On Saturday I participated in a Super Saturday helping a bunch of ladies make custom 24" clocks. If you are interested in a clock or a kit, let me know I have extra. They turned out really cute. Of course afterwards I was exhausted and then on Sunday I was sick!! I think it was from wearing myself out throughout this past week!

More later...have a great week