Thursday, May 15, 2008

Twilight Series

Special thanks goes out to my Sis (hey Janette!) for telling me about...NO getting me ADDICTED to the Twilight Series. I remember that my sister-in-law read these books last year and I thought "What's so special about these books anyway?" Jason went out of town for five days last week and I was able to finish all three! Maybe it was boredom or loneliness...but I found myself so involved that I was reading everywhere I went! It's a good thing Jason wasn't home because I don't recall making dinner, doing laundry, the dishes or even watching television. The television going on in my head was better than anything I could get on the regular T.V! I can't wait for the fourth book and the movie! **I just want to add a side note: Yes Rachel the first book was a little difficult to "get into"--but keep reading! Trust me it gets better!

I can't...I have Mono

I thought this excuse would work. I tried to tell Jason, "I can't clean, I have mono." He laughed hysterically in my face. I guess it only works if you're not nearing the recovery stage before you know you have it. Yep, I have Mono...Or well, I did. I wished I had known sooner that way I could have maybe used it as an excuse for some much needed R&R. It also would have been helpful in explaining my tardiness to work, family functions, and appointments. It also would have explained the unusual nap I had in my closet!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Trying to Recover...

from another scrapbooking sale right near my house!! You know, living in Utah has its advantages, and one of those is scrapbooking. I can't tell you how many scrapbooking companies are headquartered here...but I know that there are a lot. My arms are still sore from holding boxes and boxes of Creating Keepsakes QVC stuff. I was even willing to stand in the longest line known to man, in 40 degree weather, just to purchase my new supplies. Then, when I arrived at the checkout they were giving away FREE stuff! HoLy cRap! The women were like vultures! Luckily I came home unscathed. Whew!