Saturday, March 20, 2010

More Sewing

**Added link to Martha**

Emily and I got together this week to make Towel Totes. We pulled the tutorial from Martha Stewart's website. My idea was to make an adult size tote, and she was going to make a child size tote.

What we discovered was that the instructions for the child tote seemed more complicated than the adult tote. So, we made a "hybrid" of both.

Here's my *almost* finished product:

The outside (with handles)

The front pocket, for swim goggles, etc.

The inside towel.

The towel is actually attached to the tote so that all you have to do is fold it in and go!
Oh, and once it's being used as a towel, the pocket can be stuffed with clothes to make a pillow.

I love Martha, but my brain cannot grasp her tutorial style. Please tell me I'm not the only one.

Dollar tree vase

I've been keeping my eye out for candle stick holders and hurricane-type vases from the dollar store. I finally found them, glued them together (using gorilla glue) and made these: