Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Christmas Sweater

For our "date night" Jason took me to see The Christmas Sweater starring Glenn Beck on Saturday night. It was a wonderful story--it makes you think about Christmas and what it really means. If you have a chance pick up the book or see it in the movie theatre. I also heard he is coming out with a DVD.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Happy Holidays

I took advantage of the Thanksgiving holiday and hung my Christmas decorations...but not all of them. I decided that this year I would only use the decorations that I enjoy the most. I put up our tree--of course and I even made a few chip board ornaments using Martha's glitter (I love that stuff!!).

I'm pretty proud of myself, I managed to make (and finish) most of my handmade Christmas presents. Here's a sneak peak....

I still have a few more to finish, but i'm feeling confident that I can get them done!

Hope everyone is enjoying the craziness of the Holiday's!

Monday, November 10, 2008


Sorry for the lack of postings. I have been busy (who hasn't these days?) I'm starting to hyperventilate since Christmas is just around the corner!!

I finally took down my Halloween decorations (on Friday) with Jason's help. I think he was sick of looking at them. Thank you for the comments about my pumpkins. I only have one left--one of the dogs got a hold of the pirate and chewed it to bits. So i'm off to purchase more pumpkins for next year. BTW, some of the patterns are from The Pumpkin Lady (you can find her stuff online)

On Saturday I participated in a Super Saturday helping a bunch of ladies make custom 24" clocks. If you are interested in a clock or a kit, let me know I have extra. They turned out really cute. Of course afterwards I was exhausted and then on Sunday I was sick!! I think it was from wearing myself out throughout this past week!

More later...have a great week

Friday, October 31, 2008

Monday, October 20, 2008

What happens in Vegas...

I spent this last weekend with my sister and her family. We had so much fun while our husbands were out fishing in California. I enjoyed spending time with Boston--he has grown up so much since I saw him last. I think I will be taking advantage of these quick getaways more often.

Thank you Nelson family for "entertaining" us. We miss you already.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


**notice** post could get "mushy"

Today is our 9th anniversary. It's funny how fast time flies and yet sometimes I feel like no time has past. It isn't until I look outside our "little" family do I realize the changes around us. I have enjoyed these last nine years with Jason. I feel so blessed that we have this time together, to grow, and to just talk.

Sometimes we wonder what we could be missing-but you can't live your life wondering "what if". I believe every thing happens for a reason, just be happy with what you have and who you have in your life...that is all that matters.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Baby, Baby, Baby

It seems that there have been pregnancy and birth announcements "popping" up everywhere lately! (I know what you are thinking...and the answer is NO!)

I purchased this stamp set from Paper Trey Ink a while back and fell in love with it. I think Paper Trey Ink has become my Stampin' Up! replacement... I can't believe I said that! I'm all in favor of supporting a small business owner and her drawings. Nicole is truly amazing--her ideas are not half bad either!

Here are the cards I have made so far:

(what I forgot to add was the stamped greeting at the bottom right corner "Happy New Baby") Oh well, you get the idea. I am also making some baby gifts with this stamp set for an upcoming shower I will be attending in a few weeks.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fall Projects

Fall is my most favorite season. I love Halloween (is that weird?). When September 1st arrived I dug out all of my fall decorations. Then I realized I was getting a little ahead of myself since the temp is still in the mid 80's. I might wait a little while longer to hang my welcome leaves...maybe until tomorrow.

Fall is also enjoyable for me because it means no more YARD WORK! Which translates to staying indoors making fun projects and decorating without feeling guilty.

So as a tribute to Fall I have several projects I will be working on and I will share with you in the next few weeks.
P.S. The vinyl leaves in this picture can be purchased at lett'er Express It!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My early Christmas present

I mentioned to Jason a few days ago how I thought this device would be really cool to own...

Today, I received this email:

"I am going to buy you the Kindle Reading Device as an early Christmas present...a) Because I can, and b) Because I love you. It should arrive tomorrow. Love, Me (Jason)"

Yep...just like that. I am so excited I already have three books I want to read (short, "fun" books) and with Jason going ocean fishing for the long weekend, I will have plenty of time to read. Are you doing anything fun for the Labor Day weekend? Besides playing with my new toy, I will actually have a lot to do. I have been helping my mom with her vinyl business, I am designing/editing graphic images. This weekend should be pretty productive for vinyl cutting.

We have a family reunion at our house in a few weeks so getting the house "Tip Top" is first priority!

I also purchased a new stamp set from Paper Trey Ink. I will show you the card once it is finished.

Have a great weekend!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Fun Find

So i'm starting to come down from my Edward and Bella high and I stumbled onto THIS on Etsy. Oh, my-how much fun are these? I am SO tempted. Maybe i'll just have to make my own...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Design Quiz

Ever wondered what type of home design "style" you are?

Take this quiz to find out. I took this quiz twice just for curiousity sake and I discovered that I am a "World Traveler" which I think is pretty accurate considering I have a bunch of pieces that were collected from all over. The second time I took the quiz it said that I was "Classic Chic" the only part about this style that related to me was that it said I was meticulous in planning my design strategy and that I thought through my plan carefully (which is me to a "T")

Anyway, it's a fun quiz...give it a try!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Last night I finished Breaking Dawn. It was such a great story, but I am glad to be done. Now I can move on with my life...at least for a while. Jason has never seen me so involved in a book before (remember he was out of town when I read the first three) He started teasing me last night as I was reading and cooking dinner at the same time. Later, he asked me if Stephenie Meyer had any other books out and I told him yes. He then said to me "So when are you going to start reading her other books?" I told him not for a while. I am going to give myself a break since I get so involved it's like a sickness.

Now that my main focus in life is over, I might actually get some stuff done.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Can't talk now...

gotta read. I have been too focused on BREAKING DAWN to concentrate on anything else. Sorry for neglecting you...but I can't help it.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New Blog

Janette and I started a new blog dedicated to eating and living healthy (well, at least we try) you can find it at healthychix.wordpress.com. Come check it out.
I am trying my hardest to exercise more often and be aware of what I eat. My goal is to run a 5k in the upcoming months.

Meantime...on the home front we are settling back into our daily work life. Our vacation was much needed. You know you're having a restful vacation when you forget what day it is and you sleep until noon. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of our vacation our camera had some "technical difficulties" aka no memory card and a dead battery. Fear not, you can check out pictures on shaffersmiles.blogspot.com or my sister's blog.

More to come

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Remembering Bob

Today marks two years since Bob passed away. Sometimes it seems longer, and sometimes it feels like just yesterday. The weather today is exactly how I remember it--not a cloud in the sky, a wonderful summer scent, and sunny--just like his personality.

I still have his name and phone number programmed into my cell phone, and when you call you will hear "Don't Worry Be Happy" while you wait for me to answer. It is a constant reminder to myself that life is to be enjoyed. He would have wanted us not to worry...but be happy.

So many memories...
I love you Bob

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It's hot

This picture says it all. This is exactly how I feel when I come home from work! It has been so hot lately that it's not even fun. It's not hot like East coast hot, but desert hot like the minute you walk outside your skin dries up. Right now I can't decide which I would prefer: my makeup running off of my face or my skin drying up in the sun.

Poor Dottie, she is whooped! She spent most of the day outside (causing trouble) and now she is passed out next to the air conditioner vent...and it's only going to get hotter!

Anyway, there have been lots of exciting thoughts swirling around my head lately. Creative thoughts which I love! I had a few months where not an ounce of creativity developed (I hate it when that happens). Much more to come...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Happy Birthday!

This is a special shout out to Rachel who is celebrating her....29th birthday...again. I couldn't help but dig out some old pictures of the two of us. It's crazy how long we have known each other. We became friends in the 6th grade and from that time on my parents said that Rachel had become the third daughter they never had. We were inseparable! We even went as far as wearing the same outfits (case in point, picture #2) Thanks for being such a great friend for nearly 20 years!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Twilight Series

Special thanks goes out to my Sis (hey Janette!) for telling me about...NO getting me ADDICTED to the Twilight Series. I remember that my sister-in-law read these books last year and I thought "What's so special about these books anyway?" Jason went out of town for five days last week and I was able to finish all three! Maybe it was boredom or loneliness...but I found myself so involved that I was reading everywhere I went! It's a good thing Jason wasn't home because I don't recall making dinner, doing laundry, the dishes or even watching television. The television going on in my head was better than anything I could get on the regular T.V! I can't wait for the fourth book and the movie! **I just want to add a side note: Yes Rachel the first book was a little difficult to "get into"--but keep reading! Trust me it gets better!

I can't...I have Mono

I thought this excuse would work. I tried to tell Jason, "I can't clean, I have mono." He laughed hysterically in my face. I guess it only works if you're not nearing the recovery stage before you know you have it. Yep, I have Mono...Or well, I did. I wished I had known sooner that way I could have maybe used it as an excuse for some much needed R&R. It also would have been helpful in explaining my tardiness to work, family functions, and appointments. It also would have explained the unusual nap I had in my closet!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Trying to Recover...

from another scrapbooking sale right near my house!! You know, living in Utah has its advantages, and one of those is scrapbooking. I can't tell you how many scrapbooking companies are headquartered here...but I know that there are a lot. My arms are still sore from holding boxes and boxes of Creating Keepsakes QVC stuff. I was even willing to stand in the longest line known to man, in 40 degree weather, just to purchase my new supplies. Then, when I arrived at the checkout they were giving away FREE stuff! HoLy cRap! The women were like vultures! Luckily I came home unscathed. Whew!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Our New Addition...

Most of you already know...that we purchased a Harley Davidson motorcycle. It's official, we can now wear HD apparel and not feel like posers! I thought at first that this wouldn't be "my thing" but after a few rides and a new backrest, I warmed up to the idea.
I have never met a more happier guy!!

Friday, April 25, 2008


I have been busy with work, busy with life...I promise I will post soon.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Three Hours!

That’s how long it took me to create ONE card last week. I hadn’t realized I was trapped in my craft area for that long, but apparently that is so. When I finally finished the card I came upstairs to see what Jason was doing…he was getting ready for bed! When he asked me what I was doing down there for so long (I’m sure he was hoping I would say cleaning) I told him I had to make a birthday card. “A birthday card?” he said “As in ONE card? You were down there for three hours!” I sheepishly said “Yes, but I was also busy keeping the dogs from wrestling under my drafting table.” He did a little “eye rolling” after that remark. Yes, okay sometimes I get stuck…really stuck. I realized later in the week that my life would be easier if I would just pull out my collection of card sketches. So here is the famous or infamous card that took “three hours”

Oh, Happy Day!!

Today I took an early lunch and snuck off to Centerville, Utah for the Making Memories warehouse sale. Oh, I can't wait to play!!

I am happy to report that I didn't even go over my budget!

We had friends over for dinner Monday night… they have three children. I seem to suffer from a little “shock” when the whole brood arrives, but I quickly adjust. We don’t have any toys or anything really “fun” for them to do when they are here (other than the X-box, which one of them is really too young to play with anyway). The oldest child asked me if they could make something. I was a little hesitant at first, but I gave in and we went down stairs to my craft room. The three of them fought around my small drafting table, so then I decided to bring in the “big guns” my long rectangle folding table. I turned on the Disney Channel and we began to draw… First we made a card, and then drew dinosaurs with green eyelets for eyes and finally we attempted to make an origami box. Unfortunately, I forgot how to make one so this will be a project for another time. Eventually it was time for them to leave. The youngest asked if they could sleep over. He was pretty disappointed when I said no, but he gave me this drawing of Jason and me dancing together anyway.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

Janette tagged me, so here goes...

Ten years ago...
I was living at home and going to school. I also started dating Jason. I had a cute little white Mitsubishi Eclipse. I was getting ready to go to St. Thomas with the family.

Snacks I enjoy...
Right now it's Quaker Rice Cakes, granola bars and light popcorn. Yeah, I know, sounds delish doesn't it? (I'm on a diet)

Five things on my list...
Clean the house
Paint the house

If I were a billionaire...
I think I would change very little about my life. Except we would own a house in Maui and one in Manhattan. I would be a guest on Regis and Kelly everyday!

Three bad habits:

Places I've lived...

Jobs I've had...
Cashier at Mac's Hobbies and Crafts
Sewing mattresses at a mattress factory
Painted murals
Front Desk Attendant for Salt Lake County Parks and Rec
Health care Customer Service Rep
Office Manager/AP/AR

Things people don't know about me...

I'm very quiet and shy when I meet new people. I'm VERY careful, i.e. I drive the speed limit, I won't jump out of an airplane, and I'm the only one in my family who doesn't water ski! I'm not a spontaneous person. I like to have things planned out. I like to write "To Do" lists. I love old movies, The Odd couple, It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World, Abbott and Costello, Some Like it Hot, Gentlemen Prefer Blonde's, and Breakfast at Tiffany's. I have been known to put in a DVD and not watch it. Something about just having the movie as background noise comforts me.

I tag Rachel (unless you've done this already)

Saturday, March 8, 2008

When life gives you lemons....Hey gimme that!

Here are some of the projects I have been working on the last few weeks. Most of these cards are stamped with sets from Stampin Up's Occasion Mini Catalog. The cupcakes are from a set called Hey There Cupcake from Stampendous. It is a fun and versatile set that is unmounted (great for limited storage space). I used a circle punch to add a little dimension. I really like the layout and design...can't you tell?

This is Boston grabbing the camera. I loved his facial expressions! I can't wait to see him again.

Have a happy weekend!

Saturday, March 1, 2008


What a busy couple of weeks. Work has been steady, and it seems there is a lot of family stuff going on. Spending time with the Nelson's was fun (Nate, congrats on finishing fire school!) Boston is getting so big and it was nice to be down in a warm climate. Now if only the weather here will cooperate.

I have been trying to spend a little more time in my craft room and I have been able to create a few things here and there (it always helps when you've purchased some new products!) I am also re-organizing the area a little, (it's amazing what you find when you CLEAN!). My artist challenge isn't available for viewing...yet. Where did February go?

I have been in such a creative mood. I have spent the last week picking out paint colors for my house. I know some of you are saying "It's about time!" I really try to take my time and think about the room as a whole before I apply paint. It's a long process and I know it drives Jason crazy.

Also, don't forget Making Memories is having their Spring Warehouse Sale March 31-April 4 in Centerville. Check their website for times and location. You don't want to miss it!

I hope to post some pictures this weekend.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

**Happy Valentine's Day**

Happy "heart" day to everyone. I hope all of you felt loved. I especially felt the love, I received one dozen roses and a box of chocolates delivered right to my office. My honey is so sweet! Valentine's is always a special holiday, but February 16th is even more special. That was the day Jason and I decided that we only wanted to date each other. We officially became an "item" on that day, and this year we will have been together ten years. We ocassionally laugh and joke about how time flies and how silly we were worrying about the "little" things--you know, just random stuff about nothing in particular.
I hope your Valentine's Day was wonderful! We are off to St. George this weekend to see my grandparents and the Nelson's. Can't wait to squeeze Boston's cute cheeks!

Sunday, February 10, 2008


This is Dot. She is a whippet mix. She is really playful and she's Jason's "shadow" she follows him around the house (probably because she thinks she'll get a treat).

Thursday, February 7, 2008

February Artist Challenge

This months Artist Challenge is brought to you by the number 2, and the color green. Sorry, I just had a flash back of Sesame Street. Psst...want to buy the letter L? Ok, ok sorry.

This months challenge is called "The Way You See It". "It" can be anything you want, DRAWN using any medium you like. Thanks Janette for the great suggestion, this will be fun. I can't wait to see your ideas.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Happy February and a Happy Birthday

There's nothing like digging yourself out of your house first thing in the morning! Lately, I have bragged about the fact that the weather near my house has been pretty mild compared to others. Today, that has all changed! I just hope that Monday's commute is smooth.

On another note, today is my favorite Niece's 8th Birthday. I made this card for her. Happy Birthday Annabelle, you are such a wonderful little girl...we love and miss you.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Artist Challenge part 2

Here is my drawing for the artist challenge. Sorry it is late. I took a bowl and drew what I saw looking out of it.

This is my living room wall. It has been such a long time since I used only pencil to draw. I actually had to dig out my shading stump from a moving box!

A new challenge will follow. Have a great day!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Artist challenge Part 1

Here is my first "creation" using only round elements. If you can't tell, it's a bracelet made out of shell beads. I have one more to share...later.

I hope everyone's new year is going well. Ours is great. We are enjoying our new house. We also have a new addition to our family. Her name is Dot. She is a sweet puppy. Pictures to follow.

Have a great weekend.