Friday, September 16, 2011

"Will Sew for Food"

This should be the new title of my blog.
I have been busy making halloween costumes for my friends kids.  In exchange my friend is making me a few weeks worth of freezer meals (she's a fabulous cook)
I have also started making some clothes for myself: a pair of pants and a few shirts (pictures to follow)  I finished Jason's 49ers blanket and made a patchwork blanket for my niece.  I started taking a quilting class through a website called Craftsy.  They make it seem so easy, I can't wait to start a quilt.
I have also been running..a lot.  I am training to run in a 6k in October.  I'm really excited. I notice that I get excited to run when I haven't been in a few days.  Right now though, I'm recovering from some skin cancer I had removed on my back so running will have to wait a few days...darn it!